She was born in France, on August 24, 1958. She was an artist/sculptor. She attented the Sorbonne, in Paris.

She first met Duncan in Paris after he, running away from evil Immortal Kuyler, jumped on the boat she was working as a guide giving Seine tours.

For over 10 years, she was Duncan MacLeod's love of life. She learned about his immortality in 1983. To show her he couldn't die, Duncan made her shoot him in the chest.

Along with Duncan, she owned a store in Seacouver — the MacLeod & Noël Antiques.

She drove a white four-door Mercedes covertible in Seacouver.

She, Duncan and Richie Ryan moved to Paris when she was invited to work as curator of a traveling collection for Paris Bureau of Arts & Monuments, in 1993; there, they lived in a barge in the Seine, bought by Duncan. After some months, they returned to the USA.

She died after being shot by Roszca in a robbery attempt, in 1993; the day before, Duncan had proposed to her.

I'm an artist. I'm supposed to have this tremendous... imagination. But who could imagine this!