Richie Ryan


He was born in the United States in 1974.

He was a kid from the streets whom Duncan befriended after catching him breaking into his antique store in 1992.

He died for the first time after being shot in a robbery attempt, in 1993. His first sword fight was against Immortal terrorist Annie Devlin, an old friend of Duncan's; Richie won the fight, but couldn't bring himself to kill her. Some months later, he took his first head: bounty hunter Mako, an old acquaintance of MacLeod's.

He tried to live, according to his own words, a "real life" muscling his way onto an European top level motorcycle racing team, Saracen, in 1995. However, after few races, he and his teammate Basil Dornin was involved in an accident and both died in front of the crowd that attended the race in Paris. Richie's promising career was then finished.

He had his head accidentally taken by Duncan MacLeod in 1997, because his friend thought he was the demon he was fighting — Ahriman, who was able to take the form of any people, including Duncan's friends and foes.

I never thought one of the good guys would lose.