Written by: J.P. Couture
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), David Robb (Kalas), Ken Samuels (Roger Harris), George Birt (Don Salzer), Carmem Chaplin (Maria Campolo)

Paris, France

Evil Immortal Kalas has a grudge against Duncan MacLeod ever since the Highlander caused his expelling from Paul's monastery (episode The Song of The Executioner); and if it hadn't been enough, in a second meeting, in Paris (1920), Duncan inflicted Kalas a throat wound that destroyed his vocal chords (and the singing that had been his life). At that time, the evil Immortal was known as famous opera singer Antonio Neri and, just to harm Duncan, tried to kill his young protégé, singer Maria Campolo.

Present day.

Kalas seeks revenge and, to grow stronger, wants the head of the oldest Immortal alive, who he doesn't know who is. One day, leaving his jazz club Nosferatu, Kalas notices that somebody has been observing him and turns the tables, kidnapping his Watcher Roger Harris and forcing the man to tell him all about the secret organization. With important pieces of information passed on by the (now dead) Watcher, he goes to the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, run by Watcher Donald Salzer and, before killing the old man, manages to get from him where he can find Adam Pierson, the Watcher in charge of finding Methos. Duncan, knowing Kalas is after Methos' head, tries desperately to be the first to find the oldest Immortal alive, although he doesn't believe much in his existence. Joe, by a phone call from Seacouver, says to him go and talk with Adam Pierson, because he may have useful information on Methos, since he has been working on the Methos Chronicles for years.

Meanwhile, Richie is making a dream come true, participating in a motorcycle race; however, he and his teammate ends up suffering a serious accident, with tragic results: both man die in front of the crowd that is attending the race. Afterwards, Richie manages to escape the morgue and looks for MacLeod for help. There is no solution but leave France, since for the eyes of the French, pilot Richie Ryan is very dead.

March 6, 1995. Duncan heads for Adam's apartment. Arriving there, he senses another Immortal. He draws his katana and enters the house, just to find Adam Pierson, the source of the Buzz, sit on the floor, beside the bed, several beer cans around, writing his journal — or rather, *his* chronicles, the Methos chronicles. Duncan asks if he is Adam Pierson; Adam looks up at the Highlander, says "Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Have a beer. Mi casa es su casa" and throws to him a can of beer. Totally taken aback, Duncan asks: "Methos???"

The two men are walking outside. Methos confirms he is 5,000 years old and Duncan says he thought he didn't exist; Methos smiles and says "Ah, it's good to be a myth." Duncan chimes in it is a good idea the Watcher cover thing, since anyone hunts a Watcher and Methos agrees: "What better place to hide? I'm in charge of finding myself, and I make sure it never happens. Even got a few entries on you in my journal." He tells Duncan he keeps a diary since almost the writing began. They talk about Kalas; Methos does know he is after him and Duncan asks when was the last time he faced an Immortal. Methos tells him it has been 200 years he keeps himself from swordfightings. Mac says he will stay close, then, but Methos says: "You cannot fight my battles for me, MacLeod."

While Methos and Duncan are chatting, Kalas breaks into Adam Pierson's house and go through some of his chronicles, which makes him realize that Pierson is Methos. When Methos is returning home, Kalas intercepts him in the street; cynically, he says he had just been in his house and found a diary there: "Pity I couldn't read the hieroglyphics, but the Ancient Greek was most enlightening." They draw swords and start fighting, heading for a bridge. When Methos is about to be beaten, they both fall over the side of the bridge into the river and Methos manages to escape.

Later that night, Duncan is heading for his barge, reading a Sartre's book, when Methos suddenly appears, all wet, in front of him. Mac asks nervously if Kalas found him and if he is dead. Methos laconically replies "no" and attacks Duncan, who, taken aback, asks why he is doing that. Methos yells "Because there can be only one!" The fight is short and ends up with Duncan's katana at Methos' neck. However, Mac hesitates and eventually puts the sword down. Methos says he must kill him, although he isn't quite fond of the idea of being dead. Duncan wants to know why then he wants him to take his head and Methos explains he won't be able to beat Kalas and, if Kalas kills him, he will be strong enough to kill the Highlander: "It's not just a matter of who is the best fighter. It is about passion and hate. I don't have the fire. You do. You want Kalas." Once more, he offers his head to Duncan, holding Duncan's sword at his own neck. He says: "Live, Highlander. Grow stronger. Fight another day."

Later, Duncan arrives, by himself, at Methos' house. Kalas is there, waiting for the oldest Immortal alive. The two of them start swordfighting in the apartment, ending up on the street, where they are interrupted by the police. Duncan goes hiding and Kalas is arrested for the murder of Watcher Donald Salzer (who was a good friend of Adam Pierson's); he protests, saying they have no proof. Methos/Adam Pierson shows up and says: "Wrong. That's the man, Inspector." Methos walks away and Duncan intercepts him and asks why he called the police. Methos replies: "Because I didn't know if you could beat him. It's a chance I couldn't take. Remember, Highlander: Live, grow stronger, fight another day."

Duncan calls Joe from Methos' house. He tells him everything that happened in the past few days and Joe is amazed to discover that Adam Pierson is Methos. He says he will fly to Paris immediately, but Duncan advises him not go, because Methos grabbed his belongs and disappeared, taking all the famous chronicles with him. In the empty apartment, the only thing Duncan finds is the Sartre's book he was reading the night Methos offered his head to him.



3. FINALE, Part Two




Written by: Karen Harris
Directed by: Duanne Clark
Guest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Adam Pierson/Methos), Ron Halder (Walter Graham), Rae Dawn Chong (Claudia Jardine), Ocean Hellman (Alexa Bond)

Seacouver, USA

Duncan MacLeod is busy, trying to protect world famous pianist Claudia Jardine. She is a pre-Immortal and Immortal impresario Walter Graham is after her — he intends to kill Claudia to preserve her youth and talent forever; Duncan thinks it isn't a good idea, though. In the flashback, we learn that, in rural England, 1663, Mac was a member of Walter's traveling Shakespeare troupe — he played "Kate" in The Taming of The Shrew and Walter, "Petruchio".

Meanwhile, Methos has fallen in love at first sight with a waitress at Joe's. He approaches her saying: "Excuse me, if I sat at a table, would you be my waitress?" Before answering him, she asks Joe if Methos is a good tipper and Joe tells her he isn't. "Well, too bad. Makes up for it being cute though", she says and steps away to serve a customer. Methos says to Joe "Cute. I can do cute." Alexa returns and asks where he is from, because she has noticed he has an accent. He just says he has traveled a lot and she tries to guess "Paris?" and he says: "Paris is too full of Parisians. Even the French don't like Paris." Alexa tries again: "Venice?" Methos: "Venice, the smell alone will kill you", causing her to comment he is "young to be so cynical". When she steps away again, Joe says to Methos she isn't his type, better leave well enough alone.

Later, at MacLeod's loft, Methos tells him how much he is interested in Joe's waitress: "Alexa. You see, even her name is beautiful. There was something, you know. There's a... There's a spark. I wonder if she felt it? I mean I... I don't want to make a fool of myself. You ever feel like that?" Duncan asks what is the problem. Cute shy Methos is worried: "What if she doesn't like me?" Afterwards, Duncan and Claudia decide to go out for a drink and invite Methos, who declines. Instead, he goes to Joe's, to see his beloved Alexa.

At Joe's bar. Alexa sees Methos and says: "Well, either you like to drink or you're crazy about the blues." Methos is sincere: "No, I was waiting for you. You see, I leave you speechless. This is an excellent start." She wants to know: "Start to what?" and Methos says: "To dinner, a film, a concert, a smile, a sunset, a walk, ah, all of the above, whatever you would like." Alexa asks why he wants to go out with her and he explains: "Because the alternative is unthinkable." She capitulates at his charm, and a happy Methos rushes to tell Joe that he was wrong about Alexa: "Turns out she is my type...", but Joe seems to be upset at the news. Methos gets annoyed: "A girl like that, you're lucky if you find one every 10 lifetimes. Joe? Joe, what? You got some kind of house rule about dating the help? What?" Then, Joe tells him Alexa is dying.

Meanwhile, although all Duncan's efforts, Graham finally manages to kill Claudia Jardine. Mac, who has known her since she was a teenager, teaches Claudia about immortality. At first, she gets excited, but soon it becomes a problem for her career — being aware she will live forever, she loses the fire she has always had and can't play the piano as she used to. With Duncan's help, she manages to stay away from Graham craziness and, little by little, restores her confidence.

Alexa, knowing that Methos already knows about her illness, looks for him. He is outside, in the rain, where Joe had said to her he would be; he says: "Lucky guess, or else I've become horribly predictable. Pull up a slab. This is nice, isn't it?" She says she thinks they shouldn't go on a date the next day, and he asks if she doesn't like him — a little. She says it isn't the case and he jokes: "It's my nose, isn't it? Yep, it's my nose." Alexa is sweet: "No, it's not your nose. You have a very nice nose." If isn't the nose, then it is the accent: "It's because you think I'm English. It's my accent. Uh, I don't have to be English. I can be Russian. Uh, Poezd na Khar'kov othodit s etoi platformy? means 'Is this the right platform for the train to Kharkov?'" Alexa laughs and Methos goes on: "Russian doesn't turn you on. Okay, I can do it in Swahili. Except if I was speaking Swahili, why would I be wanting a train to Kharkov. Uh, Lithuanian?" She reminds him she is dying and he says they should go out that same night, instead of the next day.

At night, Methos goes to Joe's, to pick up Alexa, but she isn't there. Joe tells him she called in sick and Methos wants to know where she lives. Joe thinks it isn't a good idea, she doesn't want to see him, in order to protect him. Methos doesn't agree: "Joe, I didn't ask for your opinion. I know she's dying, okay? You are all dying. Twenty years. Six months. What's the difference?"

Methos heads for Alexa's house. On the porch, Alexa says he shouldn't have come. He jokes: "Hiding your husband in there, is that what's going on? Lover? Boyfriend? Seven dwarves? I can take 'em all on. I'm not afraid." She says things will get ugly, but it isn't a problem for him, he wants to be with her anyway. He asks how much time she has: less than a year; then he hands her an envelope with plane tickets: "You spend whatever time you have left dying or you spend it living — with me. Please. Say you'll come with me, Alexa."

Alexa and Methos are about to leave for a long trip around the world. At first, they go coast to coast in his van. Afterwards, Egypt. Joe points to: "he's certainly the man to take you" and, after they leave, says to Duncan he doesn't know if they will make it to there. In Mac's opinion, it doesn't matter: "Even if she lives to be a hundred, he'll still have the pain of losing her."

*The complete story about Methos and Alexa's trip is told by Donna Lettow and Gillian Horvath in the book AnEvening at Joe's.










Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: James Bruce
Guest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), Ron Perlman (Methos 2), Robert Wisden (William Culbraith)

Seacouver, USA

Richie meets a man who claims to be Methos. This man tells him that the Game can be stopped, making Richie get enthusiastic about the idea of living in peace with others Immortals. He rushes to the dojo, in order to tell Duncan the news, but Mac thinks these ideas are nonsense.

MacLeod's loft. Leaving the elevator, Duncan feels the buzz and finds Methos sprawled in his bed, listening to music. Being a polite guy, Methos offers: "Hey, grab a beer. There's a cold one in the fridge." Duncan chimes in: "Yeah, I know. It's my fridge. Thought you were out wandering the world."  Methos tells Mac he had been to Tibet and had "all the enlightenment I could use." Duncan says he should have kept it to himself and Methos doesn't see the light. Duncan explains: "Oh, you know: stop fighting, lay down your sword, give peace a chance. Ring a bell?", which makes Methos realize that the "other" Methos is around: "I've never actually met the guy, but I've heard rumors. He wanders around the place, spreading his message to other Immortals." The fact he is using his name doesn't bother Methos at all. He says: "Well, it's not like it's got a patent or anything." He adds that there are a lot of people hunting down the oldest Immortal alive and if the guy wants to be Methos, he, the original one, has no problem with it; "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", he says. They talk about the message the fake guy is spreading and Methos concludes that "it's got such a nice ring to it. Yeah, no more fighting, no more killing. Peace and harmony. Don't tell me you never fantasized about that? Some young sucker's always gonna fall for it."  When Duncan tells him that Richie already has, he says: "Voilà". Duncan urges Methos to tell Richie he is the real Methos, which doesn't please Methos at all. He thinks Richie won't believe him, but Duncan says he will, because "you are going to be very sincere."

Joe's bar. After being introduced to Methos by Duncan and Joe, Richie mocks: "I mean, this has got to be some kind of joke. Joe, help me out here. I mean, 5,000 years of wisdom, him?" and Joe does help him out: "Well, I don't know about wisdom, but 5,000 — that's about right", followed by Duncan's remark: "I know it's a little hard to believe, but what you see is what you get. This is the real Methos." Wise guy Methos is in front of them, with a "that's me" face. But, despite of all Duncan, Joe and Methos' efforts, Richie prefers to believe the fake Methos, saying that he doesn't care about the name, it's the message he believe in. Then, he leaves; MacLeod says he has got to find someone and Joe, he has got to check on the other Methos, leaving Methos by himself. He looks around and says: "Maybe I'll go and buy some socks."

Instead of buying socks, however, Methos goes to talk with the fake Methos. The real one asks how was to get to know Cleopatra and Socrates and if he really believes the Immortals can end the Game. After listening to the messenger, Methos returns to Joe's bar. He says to Duncan and Joe "the guy is either delusional, or he is a fraud. And you are buying it", referring to MacLeod, who had just forgiven William Culbraith, an old enemy, after listening to the "wise one".

Back in 1864 Georgia, during the Civil War, Abolitionist Duncan was captured by Confederate soldiers; along with him was Jeffrey, a slave Duncan was helping pass through the famous Underground Railway. Both men were sent to prison, where the manager was evil Immortal Colonel Culbraith. Jeffrey had been shot in the process and Culbraith refused to give medical care to the dying slave, who begged Duncan to stop his suffering by killing him.

Back to the present. Duncan says the messenger just made him think and Methos says: "Ooooh. I'm just saying, don't think too much 'cause we can't afford another one on the list."  There have been a lot of dead Immortals behind the fake Methos, due to some of them accept his message and give up fighting — but many others, don't.

Richie decides he isn't going to use his sword anymore, he is out of the Game. One more time, he goes to the messenger's house and there he meets Culbraith, who has just killed the fake Methos. At the dojo, MacLeod says to Methos and Joe he won't interfere in Richie's decision, but Methos makes him change his mind. Duncan arrives in time to give Richie his sword; he fights Culbraith and wins.

In the end, Richie says that, although the messenger wasn't the real Methos, he was a good man. Methos says: "Listen, I'm sorry I disappointed you, kid." When Methos is leaving, Richie provokes: "Old timer, you got any words of wisdom for me?" Methos' laconic answer: "Nope".



Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), Musetta Vander (Ingrid Henning)

Seacouver, USA

Duncan, Joe and Methos are attending an amateur boxing tourney when the Immortals feel the buzz. It's an old friend of MacLeod's, Immortal Ingrid Henning. Methos leaves, saying "Listen, if they carry a sword and I haven't been fully introduced, I get shy." While Duncan is chatting with Ingrid, the police arrive — they are after her. The two friends manage to leave the gymnasium and go to Mac's loft. There, she tells Duncan she is suspected of killing an important communist leader, Igor Stefanovich, in Russia, and the police went after her "to tie up some loose ends." What she doesn't tell Duncan is that she did kill Stefanovich.

Afterwards, MacLeod and Methos are walking near the marina and Duncan is explaining why boxing can keep teenagers away from the streets: "It's not just the boxing. The kids need something to do to give them some discipline. Don't you understand?" Methos doesn't: "No. I'm not a big fan of blood sports." They stop to buy newspapers. Methos says: "Look at this. It's an exhibition of Greek antiquities." Duncan's observation is ironic: "Oh yeah, can't wait. A 2,500-year-old garage sale." Methos gets upset: "Listen, some of this stuff could be mine", and points to the ad, making Duncan lay his eyes on something more interesting: a call for a New Freedom Party rally. He grabs Methos' newspaper, who complains: "I believe the phrase is: 'Do you mind if I borrowed your newspaper?'"

At Joe's bar. Methos laughs out loud and Duncan asks what is sooo funny. Methos says: "OK, no, well, not exactly funny, but pretty entertaining, yeah", making Joe curious: "Just what is so entertaining?" Methos' answer: "MacLeod tussling with another of his moral dilemmas." Duncan gets annoyed: "You know, there are times I really don't like you." Methos chimes in: "It's okay. Sometimes, I don't like myself..." All this conversation is about Ingrid Henning. Back in 1944, she, along with Duncan, was responsible for the "Operation Valkyrie", whose goal was to kill Adolf Hitler. They managed to blow off Hitler's bunker, but he survived the blast and Ingrid couldn't bring herself to shoot him afterwards; thus, she has been trying to make up for it, killing dictators, racists, corrupts leaders. Methos thinks she is wrong, because it wouldn't have been much different if Hitler had been killed in 1944: "It is the ultimate in arrogance to think one person can alter the course of history." If Hitler had been murdered "in '43, like Rommel wanted, maybe Germany would have won the war. History makes men, MacLeod. Men don't make history. I'm talking about the time, OK? The zeitgeist, to quote the Germans. If it hadn't been a little painter from Austria, it would have been someone else. It would have been a — I don't know — a shopkeeper, a garbage man. My point is, it doesn't matter. The times were right for a fuhrer." The problem is that Ingrid is a friend of Mac's and he doesn't know how to stop her, to stop the killings. Methos asks: "Don't you?", looking at him with an enigmatic face. Duncan says "No, I don't" and leaves. Joe says to Methos: "You know, you really can be an arrogant pain in the ass sometimes." Methos agrees: "Guilty as charged."

After leaving Joe's bar, Duncan manages to stop Ingrid from killing the New Freedom Party leader, white supremacist Allan Wilkinson, and ends up being arrested, accused of trying to kill the man. His "attorney", Methos, sets him free. Duncan asks: "Since when are you my attorney?" Methos explains: "Whatever you need: lawyer, doctor, Indian chief. I've got paperwork to cover it all."  Methos tells him that Ingrid killed 15 people at least in the past 10 years, but Duncan is still divided about the matter: maybe Ingrid is right, she believes she is making the world a better place to live, the people she killed deserved to die. Methos doesn't agree. He says that is the same belief that that guy had and jokes: "What was his name? Adolf something or other..." Meanwhile, Ingrid keeps on doing what she thinks is her mission and kills an innocent man who was in her way, which makes Duncan change his mind.

Later, along with Methos, Duncan shows up in the New Freedom Party rally, to stop any tentative from Ingrid to kill Wilkinson. Soon, he realizes she has set up a bomb, which is going to kill not only the leader, but also his whole audience. Mac finds her outside, ready to go off the bomb and tries to convince her not to do it, to no avail. Then, he beheads her.

Afterwards, Methos asks Duncan if he is OK. He says Ingrid asked something before dying, she asked what was the difference between her killing them and him killing her. Methos says that is a good question, which does have an answer. Duncan wants to know which is the answer. Methos tells him: "Stefanovich killed and Ingrid judged him. Wilkinson killed and Ingrid judged him. Ingrid killed and you judged her." Duncan asks: "So who judges me?" Not Methos, for sure. He just says: "You hungry?" and leaves.



Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Gerard Hameline
Guest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), Tracy Scoggins (Cassandra), Valentine Pelka (Kronos)

Seacouver, USA

Duncan and Methos are leaving the TV station where Methos had been participating in the game show Wheel of Time (according to him, "a selfless act in the interests of historical accuracy"; according to Duncan, an oversized ego would be the real reason), when they feel the buzz. Methos walks away and Duncan stays to meet an old enemy, Melvin Koren. He also meets Cassandra, who remembers Koren as being Kronos, leader of the Four Horsemen, mounted Bronze Age raiders who murdered, raped, and pillaged their way across two continents — never was a band of Immortals more cruel or more feared. The Horsemen destroyed Cassandra's people and she's been hunting them across the millennia.

Methos is leaving his building and feels the buzz. He asks out loud if it is MacLeod and as answer, Kronos throws a knife in Methos' heart. Kronos takes Methos, dead, to his hideout (an abandoned power station) and soon, he learns that Kronos is back and wants to reunite the Four Horsemen. Saying that he "just passed through my angry adolescence a little quicker than you, Kronos", Methos affirms he isn't the same person he used to be and doesn't miss the killings — he even tries to kill Kronos, but fails. Methos ends up swearing he will kill his friend Duncan MacLeod.

At the dojo, Duncan feels the buzz. It's Methos, who seems to intend to tell his friend about Kronos. "I was worried about you, MacLeod. Glad you made it", he says and adds "something unexpected has come up". But before he goes on, Duncan asks him if he has already heard about an Immortal named Kronos. Methos gulps and repeats "Kronos?". Then, they feel the buzz and Cassandra enters the room. She looks at Methos and says "You?!" and draws her sword, telling him to do the same. Methos asks Duncan "Who is she?" and says to her "You don't know me!"


Methos, half face painted blue, is one of the Four Horsemen, and is explaining to Cassandra how things should work: "You live because I wish it. And you stay alive as long as you please me." He introduces himself to her and adds "You live to serve me. Never forget that." After she tries to escape, he tells her he "will kill you as many times as it takes to tame you" and stabs her.

Present day.

Duncan grabs Cassandra to allow Methos run away. She gets mad and tells Duncan Methos was one of the Four Horsemen. Duncan, totally shocked at the news, but yet in doubt about what Cassandra had just told him, looks for Methos to hear the truth from him. Methos is tossing luggage in his van when MacLeod asks him if he "is going somewhere". Methos wants to leave: "There is no answer, MacLeod. Let it be", but he is stopped by Duncan, who asks (after Methos says that the "times were different, MacLeod. I was different. The whole bloody world was different"), if he really killed all those people. Then, Methos shoots: "Yes. Is that what you wanna hear? Killing was all I knew. Is that what you want to hear?" and finally gets everything off his chest: "I killed. But I didn't just kill fifty, I didn't kill a hundred. I killed a thousand. I killed ten thousand. And I was good at it. And it wasn't for vengeance. It wasn't for greed. It was because — I liked it. Cassandra was nothing. Her village was nothing. Do you know who I was? I was Death. Death — Death on a horse. When mothers warned their children that the monster would get them, that monster was me. I was the nightmare that kept them awake at night. Is that what you want to hear? The answer is yes, oh yes."  Then, MacLeod says they are through and leaves.

Duncan tells Joe he can't forgive Methos, the fact he killed innocent people just for pleasure. Joe's phone rings and they learn that Cassandra is after Kronos. Duncan rushes to the abandoned power station where they are and faces Kronos — Cassandra had already been taken from there by Methos, who throws her in the river from a bridge. Then, he stops the fight between Kronos e Duncan.

Kronos is very upset. Methos is about to lose his head, when he tells Kronos that the other two Horsemen are alive. Kronos is pleased with the news and says the Four Horsemen will ride again.


15. REVELATION 6:8 (*100th episode*)

Written by: Tony DiFranco
Directed by: Adrian Paul
Guest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), Valentine Pelka (Kronos), Richard Ridings (Silas), Marcus Testory (Caspian)

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
(Revelation 6:8)

Ukraine - Romania - France, Europe

Methos and Kronos fly to Ukraine to meet Silas, who has been living in the woods for years. After reuniting with their old pal, the three men head to Bucharest, Romania, where they meet Caspian, who is in an asylum for the criminally insane. The Four Horsemen are back.

Duncan and Cassandra also go to the asylum in Bucharest and learn that Caspian ran away. Duncan finds a matchbook left by Methos in Caspian's cell, which indicates they should go to France and stay at the Hotel de Seze, in Bordeaux. Cassandra keep on saying they shouldn't trust Methos, but in Duncan's opinion, Methos wants to help them out.

Kronos' hideout is an abandoned submarine base in Bordeaux. There, he tells his brothers how he will make life on earth depend on the Four Horsemen, by spreading a virus he has bred, which has no cure. Kronos counts on Methos' intelligence to figure out a plan (like in the old times), and Methos doesn't disappoint him: "What is the first rule of great drama? Start small and build. A fountain to get their attention. Then a public pool to kill a hundred. Then a stadium to kill 10 thousand. Then one drop of the virus in the city's water supply. Within a week..." And adds: "You want to own the world, you offer them a choice: The Horsemen rule or they all die."

As for Methos the most important thing is to survive, he accepts to play Krono's game, since there is no other alternative in the moment. He seems uncomfortable with the situation and says to Silas (whom he likes the most) that "for 2000 years, we've lived without this. We have lived without the blood, the fear, the power", as if he hoped his brother had changed as well as him had. But Silas answers he "has dreamed of the day when we would ride again! Like you always said, Methos — we live, we grow stronger, and we fight." Then, Methos leaves, disappointed at what he has just heard.

In the hotel, Duncan answers the phone; it is Methos, who urges him to go to the Elysium Church. There, Methos thanks MacLeod for having coming and Duncan asks why he didn't tell him about who he had been. Methos replied: "Why'd you think I didn't tell you? I knew how you'd react. What I've done, you can't forgive. That's not in your nature. Well, you accept it." Duncan is outraged and Methos tells him more about those times. After the Horsemen torched Cassandra's village, Methos took her prisoner and, as time went by, Cassandra became servile and very pleased to please Methos — until the day Kronos tried to rape her and Methos did nothing to stop him. She managed to escape from Krono's hands by herself and ran away from the Horsemen's camp. Methos says to Duncan "I could have stopped her, but I didn't. She escaped across the wilderness, and she must have died a dozen times from heat and thirst before she found a village that would take her in, and I bet it was worth it just to get away from us."

After talking about the past, Methos tells Duncan to rush to the Place de Quinconces, where a bomb with Kronos' virus will go off. "Do you know anything about ebola, MacLeod? Well, there are worse things in the world — if you look — and Kronos looked. He's bred a virus. No cure. It's very exotic. He's got cages of monkeys he's been testing it on. He's got enough to destroy half of Europe. Now a little bit in a fountain will only kill a few — but it's a start."

Meanwhile, Kronos, Caspian and Silas go to the hotel and kidnap Cassandra. Back to the hideout, Methos finds Cassandra in a cage. He offers food to her, but she refuses. They talk. "It wasn't all bad when we were together", he says. She answers saying she only served him because he forced her. Methos doesn't agree much: "Don't hate yourself. Stockholm Syndrome. It's like Patty Hearst. Hostages come to rely on their captors for food, for approval, and they fall in love."  Cassandra says she never loved him and Methos replies: "You thought you did. You thought I would protect you. You forgot what I was", which makes her furious. He ends up saying they must keep Kronos happy, if they want to survive and tells her MacLeod is dead (he knew Kronos had sent Caspian and Silas after Duncan).

But MacLeod manages to behead Caspian and run away from Silas. He appears in the hideout ready to fight Kronos, who orders Methos to tell Silas to kill Cassandra. Methos heads for Cassandra's cage and, when Silas is about to behead her, he doesn't allow him to do so. Silas says: "How can you do this? How can you go against what you are?". Methos yells: "You don't know anything about me!" and they start fighting, Silas using an ax.

In the end, Duncan beheads Kronos and Methos, Silas. When both men are recovering from the Quickening, Cassandra shows up, with Silas' ax in her hands. Methos says: "I killed Silas! I liked Silas!" She asks if she is supposed to forgive him because of that and rises the ax to behead him. Methos is saved by Duncan, who says out loud: "I want him to live!"

Afterwards, Duncan and Methos talk in a cemetery, Holy Ground.  MacLeod asks Methos why he didn't kill Kronos. Methos replied: "I wanted to, but we were brothers, in arms and blood and everything except birth, and if I judged him worthy to die, then I judged myself the same way. And I wanted to live. I still do." How about Cassandra? Methos: "One of a thousand regrets, MacLeod. One of a thousand regrets."



Written by: Dom Tordjmann
Directed by: Paolo Barzman
Guest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Chris Larkin (Steven Keane)

Paris, France

After the Scottish massacre at the Battle of Culloden in 1746, Duncan MacLeod was a man possessed, obsessed, with killing the English bastards who had destroyed his people. Now Immortal Steven Keane has come to make MacLeod pay for his murderous crimes. Keane meets Amanda and forces her to call MacLeod; both men talk, remember the past and set a time for fighting: the next day, at Luxembourg Gardens.

Knowing MacLeod feels an enormous sense of guilt, Amanda believes if he fights Keane thinking he deserves to lose, he will lose. Thus, she decides to look for Methos' help.

Amanda knocks on Methos' door in the middle of the night. In boxers, he wakes up and goes for his sword, until he realizes it is Amanda. He says: "Do you want to knock a bit louder? I don't think they heard you in Philadelphia."

She wants to know what Methos, as a Watcher, knows about Steven Keane, but he knows nothing and tells her he isn't a Watcher anymore; after talking a little bit, she convinces him to do something to save MacLeod's life.

Methos arrives early at Luxembourg Gardens and soon after, MacLeod does. Methos says he isn't worried about his friend, it is "just scholarly interest. I just came by to watch the perfect Immortal die." Duncan replied: "I'm not..." and Methos says: "Not what? Not the perfect Immortal or not going to die?" Methos tries to convince Duncan to give up the fighting saying Keane wants "to divide the world up into good and bad. Well, it's not that simple. We are all both — good and evil. We have rage and compassion. We have love and hate. Murder and forgiveness. Why don't you try forgiving yourself for once?" Duncan remembers killing innocent men and is tortured by that. Methos says that that is Keane's version and adds: "I want to know how you remember it. 'Cause they weren't innocent, were they? They were murderers. They were the English bastards who destroyed your people, and they deserved to die, all of them. As Duncan stays firm on his decision to fight Keane, Methos shoots him in the back when he is walking away and says: "You are such a pain in the ass." While Duncan is "dead", Methos talks to Keane and they end up fighting. Methos stabs Keane and, when he is about to behead him, Duncan shows up and stops Methos from doing that. He is mad at his friend and tells him he doesn't need his help. Keane returns to life ready to start fighting again, but the police arrive and arrest Duncan, who doesn't understand anything.

Amanda, to keep MacLeod from fighting Keane, had framed him for thievery; thus, he would be safe in jail for two or three years. MacLeod doesn't like much the idea and tells the police one of Amanda's secret stash of rainy day jewels, making her get furious. She complains to Methos how mean Duncan was and he points out that "you got him sent to prison. You think he's just going to sit there and take it?"

In the end, MacLeod faces Keane and wins, but he doesn't behead him. In the barge, Duncan asks Methos if he really thought he would lose, and Methos answers "yeah". As Duncan and Amanda seem ready for fun, Methos says "I think this is my cue to leave." And leave.



Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Adrian Paul
Guest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), Jonathan Firth (Lord Byron), Tracy Keating (Mary Shelley), Cristopher Staines (Percy Shelley), F. Braun McAsh (Hans Kershner), Jeffrey Ribier (Mike)

Paris, France

Methos, Duncan and Joe are at Maurice's jazz club, listening to the talented young guitar player Mike, from London, when an old friend of Methos' arrives. It is Lord Byron, famous English poet and, being Immortal, now turned rock star. Methos introduces him to Duncan and Joe, who says to Methos he can't believe he hasn't told anybody he knew Byron. Mike joins the group and is euphoric about Byron's presence, due to the fact he is a great fan of his.

Flashback. 1816, Switzerland.

Methos (or rather, Dr. Benjamin Adams), Byron and another English poet, Percy Shelley, lead a life of luxury in Byron's Villa Diodati: they share women, wine, opium and laudanum. One night, the group are reading ghost stories when Byron proposes that they each write one. As Percy's wife, Mary Shelley, is afraid that her "imagination fails me at present", Percy gives her laudanum, to stimulate her imagination, and she ends up sick. Percy then tells Dr. Adams (who has a crush on Mary) to take care of her and she is taken to bed. Having Methos beside her, holding her hand, Mary, sleepy, speaks about her dead little daughter Clara, wondering "who's the more unhappy, those who die, or those who live?" Methos philosophizes: "Perhaps, dear Mary, death is not truly journey's end but just another turn in the road. If we believe that, we can live without fear." At this moment, Byron enters the bedroom, sits on the other side of the bed and starts touching Mary's thigh. Methos stops him from doing that, saying "That she is. Now let her rest." Byron's answer is "Ah, but does she want to rest? I say we take her and push the bounds of our passion to heaven itself"; Methos doesn't agree: "And I say we leave before we push the bounds of decency." Byron grabs Methos' hands and puts it against Mary's chest; he enjoys it for a moment and then says "Enough!", but, instead of giving up, Byron kisses Mary. Methos pulls him away: "I said, enough." Byron, mad at the good Dr. Adams, draws his sword. Methos says: "Put it away and let her be. I would rather have your poetry than your head."

Back to the present.

Mike is completely under Byron's bad influence. The rock star, besides being into drugs, likes to play dangerous games with young naive mortals. That impairs Mike's skills in playing the guitar, upsetting Joe, Duncan and even Methos. Duncan and Methos go to Byron's apartment to talk to him. The rock star says he is bored with Immortality and offers some drug to them, but they decline. They leave Byron's apartment and Methos tries to defend Byron's behavior:"You ever starve to death, MacLeod? Byron feels hunger like that every day. Twenty thousand people screaming his name - it's not enough to fill the hole inside of him. He always wants more; he always needs more. You know, Charlie Parker, Van Gogh, Mozart - messed-up guys. Byron is also a great artist. He's given the world great poetry", and says words of Byron's She Walks in Beauty, which is completed by Duncan, who agrees about the poetry, but points out: "But at what price?"


Methos meets Mary at the end of the stairs. She is worried, she hasn't come up with her ghost story yet, as suggested by Lord Byron: "I confess, I'm afraid to go in." Methos comforts her: "It's just his way of being entertaining. They're only ghost stories." Mary points out: "Told by master wordsmiths. Lord Byron's words will live forever. What have I to offer in such company?" Methos chimes in: "Your heart. Your dreams. Your nightmares. Come. Let us show Byron and Shelley that they do not have the only creative minds of the day." Byron, Percy and Claire are reunited in the drawing room when Methos and Mary enter. Byron says to Percy that Methos is in love with Mary and asks what he say to that. Poet Percy recites: "I say run. And fleet be thy feet. Fly from love, that horned beast that impales all men." Then, the Immortals feel the buzz. It's a jealous husband, Hans Kershner, who wants to take Byron's head because he slept with his wife. Methos says to Byron he should not accept the challenge, because he is not ready yet, but to no avail. They end up sword fighting in the yard and Byron beheads Kershner, in front of Methos and... Mary Shelley. Not only does she witness Byron's Quickening but also sees him, who had just been killed, returning to life. Methos explains to her "He is not governed by the rules of mortal flesh. He is of a different kind." She asks how he knows that and he reveals: Because I am like him — immortal. I beseech you, tell no one of this. We must live in secret", to avoid being hunted down. Mary says "Poor tormented creature. The sad hero of a never-ending story. Resurrected by lightning to eternal life. To eternal loneliness" — a prelude to her greatest creation: Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus.

Back to the present.

Mike is found dead by MacLeod — drug overdose. Mac wants Byron's head, and Methos stands by his old friend; he tells Byron to leave the town, but he refuses, saying he enjoys living the life dangerously. Methos asks who he thinks will live the longest and Byron says: "Do you want a tombstone that says, 'He lived for centuries'? Or do you want one that says, 'For centuries he was alive'? Methos is emphatic: "You're not listening to me. I don't want a tombstone!"

Duncan is decided to kill Byron. One more time, Methos tries to make Duncan change his mind: "Mac! Mac, wait! Think. Think about the poetry. Think about the music that he's made. Think about the music that he will still make. You're going to kill all that as well?" Duncan just says: "And what about Mike? What music could he have made?", making Methos get speechless. Afterwards, Duncan beheads Byron. Methos concludes: "Matter and antimatter. Byron knew that too. His life had become one long tragedy."





Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Benedick Blythe (Morgan Walker), Louise Taylor  (Amy Thomas)

Paris, France

Watcher Amy Thomas is assigned to Immortal Morgan Walker, who claims to be a modeling agent but actually he uses that just as a cover for his real business –- he sells the models as slaves. Doing her job, Amy ends up watching one of Morgan's girls be murdered by his men, but she does nothing, because the Watchers cannot interfere, just observe. She gets very upset by this fact and goes to Le Blues Bar to tell Joe Dawson about the murder. He tries to comfort her and says he regretted having sent her to a field assignment, since Amy is just a rookie. They end up talking about personal issues; it turns out that Amy is Joe's daughter, born from an affair he had in the past with a married fellow Watcher.

Meanwhile, Methos is heading for his Range Rover when he sees Morgan Walker coming in his direction. Walker wants to fight -– they have some unfinished business — but the really old guy doesn't; he says "I don't think so". The evil Immortal replied: "You were a coward then. You're still a coward." "And you are as charming as ever", Methos says, ironically. Walker insists on fighting and Methos asks: "You're not going to make a scene, are you?", getting in his car and driving away.

Later, Methos is at Le Blues Bar, looking for the files about Morgan Walker on Joe's laptop and is caught red handed by him –- who gets very mad at the oldest Immortal alive. Methos, who hadn't been around since Richie's death (one year before), says: "Oh, hi, Joe. Uh, hey, missed you, too. I'll just be a minute." Joe asks angrily what the hell he is doing and wants to know where he has been lately. Methos answers: "Here and there. There mostly. Hey, I stopped by the barge. Where's MacLeod?" Joe tells him Mac is in London in order to attend a concert by pianist Claudia Jardine. Then, Methos says to Joe he is looking for Morgan Walker and Joe replies that "the Chronicles aren't your personal Rolodex. You find another way to hunt him." Methos says he doesn't want to hunt him, he wants "to keep the hell away from him", making Joe curious about what he did to Walker.

Flashback: New Orleans, 1808.

Methos is "the good Dr. Benjamin Adams" and he is taking care of a slave who is lying on a bed. He is Charlotte's brother, a beautiful young woman, who is property of Morgan Walker's. She is very grateful and asks: "Benjamin, why do you look after slaves? Not many doctors do." Methos/Benjamin says: "Perhaps I was one in a previous life..."  Then, Charlotte starts flirting with him, which he thinks "It's lovely!" and they end up making love, since Captain Walker is at sea. However, yet in bed, Methos senses Morgan approaching and tells Charlotte to get dressed fast, because the Captain is coming. He manages to leave the house before Morgan arrives, but yet the Captain does know that somebody had been there with "his" Charlotte. He, flying into a rage, ends up pushing Charlotte through a window of the two-story house, and she falls onto the ground violently. Methos/Benjamin runs towards her, but cannot do anything — she dies in front of him. Later, Methos meets Walker and the Captain wants revenge; he says Methos killed Charlotte. Methos yells at him: "I slept with her. You killed her!" Walker urges Methos to fight him, but he refuses: "Pass" and leaves.

Present day.

Joe is angrier then before — "Look, just 'cause you couldn't keep it in your pants 200 years ago, you expect me to turn over the Chronicles?" Methos doesn't think it is a big deal: "That was the basic idea, yes" and adds he would have done it for MacLeod. Joe is very hard on him: "You know, I know MacLeod. You see, I know who he is; I know what he is. As far as you're concerned..." and reminds Methos it isn't his job to make Immortals' lives easier. It hurts Methos a great deal, making he say: "Your Watcher oath? Oh yeah, heaven forbid that you'd get involved with an Immortal. Would compromise your precious ethics, wouldn't it? Oh, providing, of course, it's possible to do that with a hypocrite." Joe just says: "Get out!"

Amy goes on following Morgan Walker –- but she makes a big mistake, getting to close to him. He realizes he has been followed and kidnaps her, in order to discover what is going on. With her, Morgan finds a notebook, where Amy wrote down her observations on Walker. He learns that she knows about the existence of Immortals and forces her to tell the truth about who she is and what she does, learning all about the Watchers and Joe Dawson.

Joe, worried about the lack of news from Amy, looks for Methos, for help. He is tossing bags in his Range Rover and doesn't look very happy to see Joe: "Listen, I hate long good-byes." Joe tells him about his worries and Methos says he can't help because he has a plane to catch. Joe, to draw his attention to the case, tells him Amy is assigned to Morgan Walker, but Methos doesn't care. He says to Joe "Get your Watcher buddies to help you", knowing that it isn't an alternative — Watchers can't get involved in other Watchers' cases. Joe keeps on begging for help and hurt Methos shoots: "What do you want, Joe?! Oh, now you need my help. I'm an Immortal, you're a Watcher, but we're in league together? Sounds a lot like interference to me." Joe asks if he is through and Methos replies "For the moment", because he is concerned about a car which had pulled up when Joe got there and hasn't budged since. Smart guy Joe draws a gun, which is noticed by the two bad guys in the car, who do the same. They exchange gunshots and Methos is shot to death in order to protect Joe. After he awakes, they get in the Range Rover and drive away.

Methos, of course, wants to stay the hell away from the bad guys, which makes Joe gets angry, because he wants to go after them: "I forgot who I was dealing with. Look, we lost those clowns two towns ago." Methos gets the things straight: "I saved your life! I get to choose!". When the car starts slowing down, Joe thanks Methos for understanding his point, but actually they have run out of gas — in the middle of nowhere. Methos' excuse: "I didn't know I was going to be driving across country!" Joey gets a gas container and they walk to a busy road, where they try to get a ride. Methos thumbs a ride to no avail, which makes Joe observe: "Well, that's twelve." Methos replies: "Who's counting? I'm not counting... It's eleven."
Joe gives a try and succeeds — a van stops and picks them up. Proud Joe says: "Magic. Technique, my good man." Methos replies: "Technique, my ass!"

They head for a gas station. While there, the bad guys arrive and a gunshot starts. Methos and Joe hide in a warehouse. There, Methos complains: "You know where I should be now? I should be 35,000 feet in the air, sinking my teeth into a succulent steak, just anticipating the stewardess coming out to plump my pillow." Joe says he appreciates all Methos has done and Methos replies: "Yeah, whatever." They need to do something, the guys are coming. Methos says he will "do it the old-fashioned way" and Joe wants to go with him. Methos reminds him they don't have any bullets "and you are not quick on your feet." Joe insists on going and Methos asks what is going on between him and Amy: "Hey, look, Joe! Watchers put themselves on the line every day but you don't out there and risk you life for them." Joe is forced to tell Methos Amy is his daughter. The bad guys enter the warehouse and Methos says: "I'm going to see to the help. Then you and me, we have to talk. Dad." Methos manages to get rid of the two men and takes their guns and car keys. Meanwhile, Joe receives a call in his cell phone — it is Morgan Walker, who tells him he has Amy and... wants Methos. They set a place to the meeting (an old power station, outside Chartres) and Joe hangs up. Methos arrives and asks who was on the phone. Joe says it was a Watcher, Jack Bender, with an important piece of information — where they would find Walker and Amy.

Methos and Joe make for the power station. In the way, Methos tries to start a conversation about Amy, but Joe seems to be loath to tell him details. Methos says: "If you don't want to confide in me, Joe, that's — that's fine. Don't let the fact that I saved your life influence you in any way." After that, of course, Joe tells him all about his one-night stand with Amy's mother and why they didn't tell her that Joe was her real father: "Amy's mom loved her husband. Amy loved him too. Better to screw up one life instead of four."

When Methos and Joe arrive at the power station, Methos starts talking about their brand-new friendship. He uses the words "best friend", "bond between us", "buddy", and ends up saying they make a really good team, like Scully and Mulder (The X Files), Sipowitz and Simone (NYPD Blue) or... Caligula and Incitatus — "No, maybe not Incitatus 'cause he was a horse..." After  Methos blabbering on about friendship, partnership, bonding etc, Joe, feeling really guilty about his deal with Walker, cannot hide this anymore and shoots: "It's a trap, man. Walker's waiting for us. He knows we're coming. I'm supposed to shoot you when we get inside. He said he was going to kill Amy." That doesn't surprise Methos at all: "There. That wasn't so hard, was it?" Joe, however, is very surprised; he asks how he knew and Methos says: "Joe, you never give a Watcher's first and last name. And you couldn't go to them to help, and then suddenly one of them's phoning you with information?" and adds: "And whenever you lie you do this weird thing with your face..."

They enter the power station. Morgan Walker is waiting for them, with Amy. He says to Joe he was supposed to shoot Methos and Joe replies that life is full of disappointment. He adds that if he shoots Amy, he will shoot him and make sure Methos take his head off. Without any other alternative, Morgan agrees to fight Methos and releases Amy, who runs towards daddy Joe. The Immortals start fighting and Methos eventually gets Walker on his knees. Before taking his head, he lets Morgan know: "Just because I don't like to fight, doesn't mean that I can't."

At Le Blues Bar, Methos and Joe are talking and drinking. Amy has just left. Methos says to a sad Joe that she will be back. He asks how he knows and Methos explains: "Because I am very old and wise."


20. TO BE

Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest Cast: Roger Daltrey (Hugh Fitzcairn), Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noël), Peter Hudson (James Horton), Martin McDougall (Liam O'Rourke)

Paris, France

Methos and Joe are at Le Blues Bar chatting about how some Watchers aren't much precise when writing their Chronicles. Methos says to a surprised Joe: "Oh, come on, Joe. You know how it is. You don't want to admit to your Watcher buddies that your guy's been wiped by some sniveling little weasel like Aedilies. So you make up a story that he's been... he's been aced by the greatest swordsman in Rome." From this conversation, Joe also learns that the vomitorium in old Rome wasn't just a legend: "You eat a 17-course meal where the main garnish is honey-coated ants and peacock brains... We ate, we drank, we vomited..." At this point, Methos senses another Immortal approaching — it's Duncan, who seems very upset. He throws down a coaster from The Light Horse pub, making Joe say "Liam O'Rourke."

Back in the 40s, Irish O'Rourke was a terrorist; he and his wife Talia ended up in jail, sentenced to life imprisonment, due to Duncan's intervention in a bombing perpetrate by the couple against an English authority in a pub in London. After the explosion, who killed not only the target but also innocent people, Duncan and O'Rourke started fighting in the street, drawing the attention from the police. O'Rourke and his wife (who refused to run away without her husband) were arrested. He could have escaped from prison, but he stayed there until she died; O'Rourke never forgave Duncan for that. According to Methos, O'Rourke attitude was "romantic, but very impractical."

Duncan tells his friends that O'Rourke had just kidnapped Amanda, seeking for revenge. He says he will rescue her and Methos wants to go with him. Duncan wants to know why and Methos replies: "Well, I'm uh, kind of fond of the little vixen myself. Okay?" They head for Duncan's barge and there find another coaster stuck in a candle; it reads: "Bercy Train Depot. 4 am. Come alone", written in red ink. Methos begs: "Oh, please tell me that's not written in blood!" It isn't blood, it's Amanda's lipstick and Methos breathes a sigh of relief. Methos suggests phoning Joe, to see if the watcher has come up with something, but Duncan says he won't be there, because the coaster is from Joe's bar.

Methos wants to help rescue Amanda, but Duncan doesn't want him to go. Methos warns it is a trap, O'Rourke will kill him and begs Duncan not to go, to no avail: "It doesn't matter what I say, does it? Well, I've only been alive for 5000 years, what would I know about it?" Mac is leaving the barge and Methos says "Goodbye." Duncan stops, looks at Methos and asks: "I think you mean 'good luck', don't you?" Methos corrects himself: "Of course, uh, that's what I meant."

Duncan meets O'Rourke and, to save Amanda and Joe, accepts to be beheaded by his enemy — O'Rourke manages to convince the Highlander without much effort because Duncan is tired of life, tired of watching people die because of him. When he is about to lose his head, Methos arrives and starts shooting. Duncan is shot to death; he falls into a train carriage, which starts moving, entering a tunnel along the railway.

Duncan MacLeod wakes up to find his old (and dead) good friend Hugh Fitzcairn by his side, sent to show MacLeod how the world would be without him. Fitz takes the Highlander to see his friends in a alternative universe, where he can watch, but not interfere: Amanda isn't a mere cat burglar, but rather an evil and cold-blooded assassin; Joe Dawson, without watching Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, not having been inspired by his great character and nobility, ends up out of the Watchers, poor, drunk and in a wheelchair; Tessa Noël is trapped in a loveless marriage, to a rich but insensitive man, and gave up being an artist. And, James Horton, the renegade Watcher, has started a war against the Immortals and anybody is able to stop him from the killing. But there are more.



Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Roger Daltrey (Fitz), Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noël), Peter Hudson (James Horton), Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan), Valentine Pelka (Kronos), Martin McDougall (Liam O'Rourke)

Paris, France

Fitz and Mac are at the L'Amnesia bar; while Fitz hits on the waitress, a drunk Methos enters the place yelling: "Hey, gimme a beer! I said, gimme a beer! Oy, you tart, what's it take to get served in this hole?" Duncan, surprised, stares at him, which makes Methos get furious. He says: "You're looking at me as if you know me. You don't know me" and grabs Duncan's wrist, looking for a Watcher tattoo. Methos leaves and Duncan asks Fitz what happened to Methos — and Fitz shows him what has happened to the Methos who never got to know Duncan MacLeod.

Back in 1995. Methos/Adam Pierson is in love with a fellow Watcher, Jillian. She thinks they should tell the Watchers he is an Immortal, in order to show them Immortals are "good people" and avoid the hunting that is about to begin. Methos is loath to do that: "What are you going to tell them, Jillian? That I am an Immortal and I've been masquerading as a Watcher all these years? They're not going to like that. They are not going to throw me a party." She insists on telling them and once more Methos tries to change her mind: "Do you think that the Turks didn't know the Armenians were human? Do you think that Hitler didn't know the Jews were? I have listened to the screams of midwives being burned by women that they had nursed through labor because suddenly they thought they were witches. To admit that they were wrong, they would have to admit that they were murderers. It's easier for them to make believe that we are all an abomination and just let the killing go on."  Methos rugs Jillian and says how much he loves her: "More than I've loved anyone in so long. I can't remember..." Unfortunately, Jillian doesn't listen to Methos' arguments and later tells Horton he is an Immortal, which results in tragic consequences.

Methos is waiting for her, holding an engagement ring — he will ask her to marry him. However, she enters the room along with Horton, who, to her surprise, shoots her and Methos; they both die. But before Horton can behead Methos, Kronos comes crashing through the window, machine gun blazing. Horton takes off. Methos revives to see Kronos standing over him, saying "Greetings, brother." Methos, after Jillian's death, becomes bitter and as a consequence, the Horsemen rides again. And, according to Fitz, they made the Russian mafia look like the Vienna Boys Choir.*

*to be continued

*All synopses were written by me, Gisele. The dialogues came from the

web site; I also translated them into Portuguese for the Brazilian page, since the show in Brazil is dubbed.