Joe Dawson, Duncan's



Joseph Dawson is an American from Chicago. He is mortal.

He is part of an ancient secret organization known as the Watchers, which has been observing Immortals and registering all their steps through the centuries, without interfere.

He is a Vietnam vet who served in the Marines until he was injured by a land mine, losing his legs. On that occasion, he could have died if Immortal marine sergeant Andrew Cord hadn't returned from the dead in front of him in order to save his life. Afterwards, he was recruited into the Watchers by Ian Bancroft. At first, he worked as a historian to the organization (1968-1970); Then, it was assigned to him Immortals Roy Ferrer (1971-1974), Liza Grant (1975-1978) and Duncan MacLeod — he has been Duncan's Watcher since 1979.

He was a football player in high school. He was known as The Flyer.

He introduced himself to Duncan in 1993, which is totally against the rules, because there was no other alternative at the time; Mac and he had to team up to stop renegade Watcher James Horton, from killing Immortals. This friendship nearly cost him his life later, in  1996 — the Watchers Tribunal wanted to punish him and he ended up being sentenced to death, but Duncan and Methos saved his life.

He owns a blues bar (Joe's) in Seacouver, the favorite hangout for the folks — Duncan, Richie, Methos. In 1998, the Watchers transfer him to Paris, where he goes on working in the same field, running Le Blues Bar. Being a musician, it explains his interest in night clubs.

On an occasion, after being torn between to be a Watcher and to be Duncan's friend, he chooses to maintain his friendship with Duncan and gives up the Watchers. However, Duncan convinces him to return to the secret organization.

His daughter, Amy Thomas, is also a Watcher. She is the consequence of a one-night stand with a married Watcher and only after  her husband's death Amy discovers that Joe Dawson is her father — and Joe, he has a daughter.

Someday the Immortals will be gone. People need to know they were here, their part in our history. And that is the gig.