SEASON 6 (1997-1998)

"He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For 400
years he's been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer, constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death... The winner takes his enemy's head and with it, his power. I'm a watcher, part of the secret society of men and women who observe and record, but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander." (Joe Dawson)

Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)
Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda)
Peter Wingfield (Methos)
Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson)

Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Peter Hudson (Ahriman/Horton), Rachel Shelley (Sophie Baines)

Every thousand years, the Zoroastrian demon, Ahriman, returns to wreak havoc on the earth. He has already brought destruction to Duncan MacLeod's world, having caused Richie's death at Duncan's hand. But now MacLeod returns to Paris to take up his mantle as Champion and vows to destroy Ahriman. Sophie Baines knows how to defeat the demon, but is she MacLeod's ally, or another pawn in
Ahriman's game?

Written by: Tony DiFranco
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest Cast: Peter Hudson (Ahriman/Horton), Dudley Sutton (Father Beaufort), Valentine Pelka (Ahriman/Kronos)

It's showdown time between Ahriman and the Champion, Duncan MacLeod. With the help of Father Beaufort and Joe Dawson, MacLeod begins to find a crack in Evil's armor. But they soon learn that anyone who helps the Champion becomes fair game for the demon. Joe is torn by guilt as Watchers — friends — are murdered by Ahriman, while Father Beaufort has his own inner demons to contend with. Not even Holy Ground is sanctuary, as MacLeod wrestles with Ahriman in the final battle... Armageddon.

Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Dara Tomanovich (Alex Raven)

Now that his grandson, Carl, manages the bank, George Thomas can relax with his old friend, Duncan MacLeod. But the good life is cut short when George's car explodes in a ball of flames — leaving MacLeod to find George's killer. The trail leads to Alex Raven, a beautiful Immortal with a taste for danger and a fifty-year-old promise to fulfill, no matter what the cost.

Written by:James Thorpe
Directed by:Richard Martin
Guest Cast:Jasper Britton (Willie Kingsley), Anita Dobson (Molly Ivers), Ed Bishop (Edward)

Embezzler, charmer, con man extraordinaire, Willie Kingsley has a knack for turning up dead... and profiting from it handsomely. But when one last con goes wrong, his mortal wife pays for the scheme with her life. Willie turns to Duncan MacLeod to help him track down her killer. MacLeod wants justice, but all Willie wants is revenge.

Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Dennis Berry

Police at her heels, killers on her trail, Kyra is on the run, with no memory of who — or what — she is. In the streets of Paris, she runs into Dunacn MacLeod. MacLeod spins a wild story: that he and Kyra were lovers three hundred years ago. That she is a soldier, a warrior. That she is Immortal. Kyra doesn't believe a word of it... But if it isn't true, why is someone after her head?

Written by: Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest Cast: Andrew Bicknell (Marek), Rochelle Redfield (Margo), Alexi K. Campbell (Dice)

Four hundred years ago, Devon Marek was a spoiled aristocrat with a passion for the hunt. His first teacher, Duncan MacLeod, forced him to give up his lands and title when he became Immortal — and Marek's never forgiven him for it. Today Marek has built his own empire, and now hunts his most dangerous prey: MacLeod.

Written by: Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest Cast: Roger Daltrey (Hugh Fitzcairn), Cleo Rocos (Juliette), Hugh Simon (Tynebridge)

It's 1929, and Hugh Fitzcairn is enjoying the life of a manor lord. He has good friends, a beautiful wife, trusted servants, until one of his nearest and dearest "murders him. He calls in his old friend, Duncan MacLeod, to help him uncover his own murderer — before more
bodies start piling up.

Written by: Michael O'Mahony and Sacha Reins
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest Cast: Justina Vail (Katya)

When Immortal Katya's adopted daughter is murdered, the courts let the killer walk free. Now Katya's an avenging angel, determined to see justice done, even if it means crossing Duncan MacLeod.

Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Sandra Hess (Reagan Cole)

All bounty hunter Reagan Cole wanted was a holiday in Paris with fellow Immortal Duncan MacLeod. What she found was international intrigue, a hunky underwear model, and a terrorist with a million-dollar price on his head... What's a gal gotta do to get a vacation nowadays?

Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Richard Martin

Centuries ago, Bartholomew sent thousands to their deaths during the Crusades, amassing a fortune in God's name. Now Immortal Katherine is determined to take his head - if only she can keep her mortal husband, Nick, from interfering with The Game.

Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Benedick Blythe (Morgan Walker), Louise Taylor  (Amy Thomas)

Methos and Joe Dawson are thrown together when past indiscretions threaten the present. Morgan Walker has hunted Methos for two hundred years. He's not about to let a mere mortal get in his way... Especially if the mortal is a Watcher.

Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest Cast: Roger Daltrey (Fitz), Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noël), Peter Hudson (James Horton), Martin McDougall (Liam O'Rourke)

It was Duncan MacLeod who caused Liam O'Rourke and his mortal wife to be captured and convicted of terrorism. That was fifty years ago, but Immortal O'Rourke has a long memory - and a plan to even the score.

Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest Cast: Roger Daltrey (Fitz), Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noël), Peter Hudson (James Horton), Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan), Valentine Pelka (Kronos), Martin McDougall (Liam O'Rourke)

Immortal terrorist Liam O'Rourke is out for blood. Used to playing by his own rules, he'll stop at nothing to get MacLeod's head — even if
it takes destroying every one of Duncan's friends.

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