Duncan MacLeod of the Clan


He was born in Glenfinnan, on the shores of Loch Shiel (Highlands of Scotland) on the Winter Solstice, in 1592.

He was a foundling child raised by Ian MacLeod, Chieftain of the Clan MacLeod, and his wife Mary.

Debra Campbell was the first love of his life. She was supposed to got married to Robert MacLeod, Duncan's cousin. Both (Debra and Robert) had a tragic ending — after fighting and killing Robert, he saw her die when she accidentally fell from the edge of a cliff.

He died for the first time on October 2, 1622, in battle (Clan MacLeod vs. Clan Campbell), being banished from his village and clan after returning from the dead; afterwards, he wandered Scotland.

He met his mentor Connor MacLeod in Glen Fruin, Scotland, in 1625. Before, (same year), Mac met a hermit who had foretold Connor's arrival and Duncan's destiny — from this man, Mac received his first Quickening.

He was taught reading and writing English in 1658, when he sought refuge for a time in a monastery founded by Immortal monk Paul; there, Immortal Timon (killed later by Kalas) lent him Shakespeare's Macbeth. He already knew some Latin and some Italian, language he learned with his brand-new friend Hugh Fitzcairn in Verona, in 1637.

He got married to pre-Immortal Kate in Dublin, Ireland, in 1715. He had met her in Kildare, Ireland in 1712. He killed Kate in the marriage bed, to start her immortality; however, she didn't like it very much and ran away. He saw her again only centuries later.

He stayed out of the Game for years, until the day Connor MacLeod looked for him for help (1992), in order to defeat evil Immortal Slan Quince, who was killing the mortal families of other Immortals, trying to get them into his search, and winning them because of their psychical weakness.

As it is in his nature to do (or try to do, at least) the right thing, his friends every now and then call him "boy scout".

He lives in Seacouver, Washington. He used to own a store along with his girlfriend Tessa Noël — the MacLeod & Noël Antiques; after her death, he bought from Charlie DeSalvo a dojo (DeSalvo Martial Arts) and started living in the loft that is located above the dojo. Sometimes,he goes to Paris. There, he owns a barge (at first namedNobile and later Amadeus) moored on the Seine, bought in 1993, sold in 1994 and retrieved in 1995.

He drives a black 1965 Thunderbird Convertible when he is in Seacouver; in Paris, he drives a black French Citroen, DS model.

His sword is a Dragon's Head katana; he was given by Samurai warrior Hideo Koto over 200 years ago. He should have inherited the Claymore from his father, Chieftain of the Clan MacLeod, but as he was banned, the sword was kept in the family.

When fighting a demon who was able to take the form of his friends and enemies, he accidentally beheaded his pupil Richie Ryan.

I'm Duncan MacLeod, of the Clan MacLeod