Charlie DeSalvo



He was an American mortal who was a good friend of MacLeod's, from whom he bought the dojo; after passing  it to Mac, he kept on  running the place.

He had an Italian father and an African American mother.

He served in the Navy.

He got to know Mara, who was from a tiny Balkan nation run by an oppressive dictator and fell for her. When Mara returned home, Charlie went with her.

He returned to Seacouver, after Immortal Andrew Cord, who had murdered Mara in the Balkans; however, things went wrong and he was killed by Cord. He died in Duncan's arms. On the occasion, Mac told him he was Immortal.

Charlie's episodes: The Zone, Revenge of the Sword, The Fighter, Bless the Child, Unholy Alliance I e II, The Revolutionary e Brothers in Arms.