Anne Lindsey



She was the first girlfriend of Duncan MacLeod's after Tessa Noël's death; she is a trauma surgeon.

She saw Duncan fall to his death, making Duncan go to Paris to avoid telling her the truth.

She went to France to stay with him when he changed his mind and told her about his immortality.

She got pregnant by a friend who stood by her when she thought Duncan was dead; he wanted to raise her child as his own kid.

She decided to leave Duncan, after seeing him fight another Immortal; according to her, she "saves lives" and can't live with so many deaths.

She met Duncan months later, in Seacouver; he ended up helping Anne through labor, as they were trapped in a subway station.

She gave birth to a baby girl, who was named after Duncan's mother, Mary.

She got from Duncan the house he was renovating and where he intended to live.