She is about 1,200 years old. She has been a cat burglar almost her whole life.

She died for the first time in 850 AD, in France, due to a blow on the head, after being caught leaving a house marked with the Plague sign, where she had been stealing.

She had as first mentor Immortal Rebecca.

She (along with Rebecca) met Duncan MacLeod for the first time on September 11, 1635, in Verona, Italy. Since then, she has been a close friend of him — and his lover from time to time. He said once she is a "bad habit" — every time she crosses his way, it means trouble for the "boy scout", as she calls Duncan. Methos is also "kind of fond of the little vixen".

She was mentor of the 10-year-old Kenny — although looking like just a innocent kid, he was born about 800 years ago. Kenny has learned all about the Game and does know how to play it, becoming a dangerous Immortal. For Amanda, it is hard to believe that, since she sees him as the son she never had.

Episodes with Amanda: The Lady and The Tiger, The Return of Amanda, Legacy, The Cross of St. Antoine, Finale I & II, Double Eagle, Reunion, The Colonel, Methuselah's Gift, The Immortal Cimoli, Dramatic License, The Stone of Scone, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, To Be and Not To Be; show: Highlander The Raven and book: White Silence.

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